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An Assembly of Christians"gathered together unto the name of
the Lord Jesus Christ"
( Matt. 18:20, 1 Cor 1:1-9, 5:4 )

At Goodwood Gospel Hall, visitors are always welcome. Please view our Announcements page by clicking on the Meet With Us button to the left to see when we meet. If you have any questions please email our webmaster using the link at the bottom of any page

Please Check out the “CABS” page!

 If you are a  student of the word, and are, or would like to be a “Computer_Aided” student of the word please assist and/or enjoy!

We are planning a Seminar, and require help in making it all it can be.  Please fill in the form on the “CABS” page and we will try to keep you informed. Thanx!


Questions? Please email us: Webmaster

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