What Was

Chapter Two

What Was


The Arena

The arena had been a pet project of Val’s dad. Thanks to his mom, their house was nearly always open to his friends, and friends of friends.

They soon saw the need for a place for sports and play. A lot came available between two cliffs. It was adequate but just barely.

Val’s dad, Magnus, insisted on an alternate exit; something the terrain made difficult and costly.

It was pointed out to him this would require about two meters that could have been used to enlarge the building.

At the cost of some time, and hard feelings, Magnus won out.

But at least, due to disasters in other areas of the world, there was no argument that the doors should open outward.

The fundraising began. These were fond memories for Val and his friends.

In the end, as the financial goal drew near, Magnus’ impatience got the better of him. A donation from the fish factory Magnus owned bridged the gap.

At least ten people, who were in the arena early January 23, 1973, where glad of his resolve. It had saved their lives.



Many things changed with their new life inĀ  Reykjavik, but certainly not Val’s love for technology at all levels. The vacuum left by his scattered circle of friends allowed his interest to move more toward technology

While others were using computers and gaming systems to blast imaginary monsters in video games, Val was building systems, and ripping code from proms, diskettes and Hard Drives.

Both on the hardware, and software front it was often hard to stay out of conflict with the teachers he outstripped in knowledge, and ability.

Magnus incurred the loss of income for the better part of the year his factory was idle. This caused a lack of cash for Val’s projects.

There was also a big change in the amount of time Val had with his dad. Magnus was one of many who fought the battle to save the harbor.

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