Ron & Walter

Part V: The plot


Chapter Ten

Ron & Walter


Ron’s Research

Ron’s resources were limited, meager, and primitive when compared to the Intel lab he had formerly had at his disposal.

Regardless, he did have brains and determination. It was painstaking work, but with what he knew from his former association with Tim and Val, and what he was able to reverse engineer from the purloined module, a picture was coming into focus. He had overheard enough from them to know he needed to concentrate on the “unused#1” and “unused#2” pins of the processor. What baffled him was how to use what he learned from that at the module level. After tracing the module’s circuitry, and arriving at the point of total frustration, he concluded he would need to find out more about the more recent processor and module versions. He did notice Val and Tim had wired in a path to the pins, and so knew he would need to find out more about them. He was convinced that what he had was not complete.



Ron’s Ripoff

Ron sometimes wondered if it was worth it; using all his spare time obsessing over getting revenge against Colossus. The thought that there would likely be some collateral damage to Tim and Val was not lost on him either.

Then again, he still carried a grudge against them to a much lesser degree for having felt somewhat marginalized from the threesome.

But he could not seem to let it go. Intel had paid well enough, and he had some savings. Besides, he hoped to get some of this investment back somehow. He hired Walter, the master of deception. Walter had some vacation accumulated. Things were slow at his work anyway, and his manager suggested he could take some time off without pay after the vacation time ran out. So the trip was planned, and Walter’s journey begun.



Walter’s Score

Dumpster diving was not a lot of fun. Combing through the ‘take’ in his small room, even less, but it was a means to an end.

Slowly it came together. The courier company they used, the planned transport of the first module to the depot for airmail to Canada. But the cap-stone was finding out a module would be sent to Korea for some reason.

Walter was still gloating within himself at getting the older stolen module across the border undetected.

Knowing the transfer was imminent was not enough. He now needed to know the exact timing.

He rented a truck and tracked down a courier truck from the appropriate company as it was getting fuel. Having struck up a conversation under the guise of being a fellow, struggling courier driver, he was able to discover the dry cleaner used by the courier Tim’s company used. He was also able to find out

the best place to get uniforms.


Walter’s sleight of hand was a joy and a definite benefit to him. He pretended to be on the cell phone as the conversation started, but rather had the phone ready to take a picture of the courier’s access badge. Then in fake camaraderie, he put one hand on the man’s shoulder while the other snapped a picture of the badge on the man’s belt.

Walter was fair-to-middlin’ with his laptop, and software and so in no time had a “reasonable” identification badge.

The replica need not be perfect. He flashed it quickly to pick up the uniforms from the dry cleaner. Out in the back parking lot, he removed the identification insignia for the courier company and was back inside within minutes.

He told the cashier he got an urgent call to the wrong side of town, and another courier would be coming later to pick up the uniforms. The cashier scarcely looked at the package as he hung it up again.

Amazing how quickly a uniform could be made for just a few extra dollars. And he knew he could easily be too late if he took too long to prepare.



The Wait

Walter had long since learned the value of a scanner in attempting to be one step ahead of certain individuals in certain situations.

His scanner was state of the art. He sat in his truck not far from the courier and listened. This was precarious. It could be days before the call he was waiting for, and this day was ending.

But at least he was getting a feel for the way the company operated, and the plan formed slowly in his mind. As the second day ended, he further questioned if this was the right course of action as he headed to his room. One thing he had found in the communication with Korea from the dumpster was the date they could expect the module to arrive, and time to get it there on time was running out.

He stopped at the grocery store for a bag of potatoes. He did not like potatoes. Then on to the hardware store for a rubber mallet. Back at his parking spot, he almost dozed off with the same-old-same-old, but was jarred to consciousness hearing “…odular pickup for 10:00 AM to be delivered to the airport.” “Please, as you so often do, please repeat that,” he thought. And they did.

He was off in pursuit of the assigned truck as it pulled away, and continued monitoring closely all communication to ‘truck Beta17’.

“Oh, the joy,” he thought, and a favorite line from a show he liked played in his mind… “I love it when a plan comes together.”

The truck was to stop for another pickup on the way to Motion Modular, and he was ready. Now came a dangerous part. Beta17 stopped, and the driver was out and into the building quickly.

Walter was out of his truck, and into the courier’s in a flash. He found the work order for the Motion Modular pickup and took a picture with his iPad. Then out, and to the back of the truck.

From his childhood came the rhyme “one potato, two potato” as he used the mallet to drive the potatoes into the tailpipe of the truck. This depended on the proper maintenance. If the exhaust system were properly sealed, the back pressure would eventually stall the engine. If not, well… not so much.

Back into his truck, and driving passed Beta17 he heard the engine struggle and stubble. …Music to his ears. Now on to Motion Modular.



The Pickup

Walter entered Motion Modular carrying his iPad. He showed the receptionist the picture of the pickup work order and asked her to type her name into his iPad.

He explained the printer at the office was down, so this was the temporary solution. He saw her eying his truck through the buildings glass front and volunteered “yea, having some trouble with the truck too, that’s a rental. He was soon back to the lab. Ted handed him the package, unsure why he felt so ill-at-ease. An excellent judge of character, Ted did not like to think he disliked this guy, but he certainly had some kind of negativity going on. He could not see the rental truck from the lab but did find it strange when Walter had him type his name into the iPad.

Then Walter moved on to the airport. Canada would be confused when they got the old module. Tim and Val would be shocked when they saw the picture of what Canada had received.

Ron would be pleased with Walter’s progress. Now back to the great lakes. Maybe the same “no-questions-asked boat that brought him from Canada would take him back.



Ron’s New Toy

Ron was ecstatic! His admiration for Walter was in the clouds. But he needed to get to work on this.

He had been right. It was hard to do physically, but in his mind, he gave himself a good pat on the back.

They were still labeled unknown. He found the mystery switch. It toggled ‘unused#1’ and enabled clocking on ‘unused#2’. Slowly the circuitry yielded to his investigation.

Before long he was able to control the clocking remotely, and call tests routines. He then began investigating other pins on the connector marked ‘unused.’

More and more he became able to alter other connector’s output at will. More and more he mused, he could control whatever this module controlled.

What Ron did not comprehend was the magnitude of the power that this ability put into his hands.


Well, anyway, it was time for Walter’s next challenge. What was it about Walter these days? Ron felt something nebulous about him lately. Or did he just need more sleep? He had maybe worked too far into the night too often of late. Well, he might be able to catch up now. He called Walter and arranged the pickup.



A New Creation

Ron thought it quite a coincidence running into Bill, Val’s granddad… Bill thought it an answer to prayer. After enough small talk to feel there was a possibility of a “yes” answer, he invited Ron for a meal.

With Val and Tim being taken from his life, and Walter a bit distant, he accepted. Besides he had had time to think about his failure to obey Bill about the ATV, and did want to apologize, and not just in passing. Ron was barely in the door before he brought up his disobedience, and apologized.

While Bill struggled to be tactful, and gentle, he knew Ron needed to hear again the story he had avoided back when the boys were younger.

“What are your plans from here Ron?” Bill asked to start. Ron was beyond the revenge and hard feelings that had possessed him for too long.

“Well, I have work now, but it is not what I hope to do for too long.” “I hope you can find something more fulfilling soon Ron” Bill answered, “but what else do you see in your future?” Ron outlined some wishes he had. They included a new desire to obtain, and maintain a lasting relationship with a girl, and get some friends his age that he could have as soul mates. He missed Val and Tim a lot.

Tender Bill’s eyes watered as he saw the honesty and sadness in Ron. But while Bill hoped to do his part on the outside to alert Ron to his need, he was praying the Spirit of God was working on the inside… it sure seemed so. Bill drew out all the plans Ron saw for his life until he said that is about it, I guess. “Well Ron, the things you mentioned might give you a good life, but there is more to be considered. I would like to tell you what happened to me some years ago. Not unlike you, I saw things a little differently than I had when younger. I was not quite as old as you, but I sense the same consternation in you that plagued me for some time. Everything I attempted to use to lessen the feeling of impending doom came far short of having any substantial effect on it. All the things I did and sought to have, to bring real joy, brought only a very temporary happiness at best. My sister and her husband invited me to a meeting where I heard the gospel very clearly for the first time. One scripture the speaker quoted stuck with me, and I could not get it out of my head. ‘A new creation.’ I was not old enough to have totally ruined my life, but I knew I had indeed damaged it more than once. Moving forward on the same course seemed very unlikely to improve my situation at all. I did want to know more about ‘A new creation’ because I just could not see a few band-aids being what would give me the clean slate I wanted so badly. I continued to attend those meetings and heard stories of other lives changed in the scriptures. I went back to the church my folks had taken me to when I was a boy, but their message seemed to me like teaching field maneuvers to people with no feet. It was all about cleaning up my life, and hoping for the best at the end of the road. ‘A new creation,’ ‘A new creation,’ it haunted me more and more!

After having distanced myself for a while from my sister, I returned, wanting to know more. Could that ‘A new creation’ thing happen to even me?

My attendance at the meetings that followed was steady. I learned more of the stories of salvation. They varied a lot but always ended the same.

There would be a definite change in the lives of folks that had undergone this thing the Bible called “born again”… ‘A new creation’… It was sinking in for me. A final story in the book of John Chapter 3. As the man in the scripture was described, I thought of the ‘minister’ in the place my folks took me.

He was ‘religious, ‘ but I knew of no significant change in his life. This Nicodemus guy was like that, but The Lord Jesus Himself told him straight out ‘You must be born again!'” Bill hesitated but then continued. “Ron, would that sort of new start sound good to you? You seem to want to change. Are you thinking of just getting right with a few folks on earth, or maybe finding peace with God! Ron that could be yours!”  Ron did not speak, but his eyes remained on Bill. There was pain in those eyes. “Well anyway, to finish my story, I had long since been convinced I was a sinner, and that the consequences would be some form of death. I had been trying to find salvation for a while now and began to lose hope. I thought to myself “There is no promise in the Bible that ‘Bill’ will be saved, born again, a new creation.” Then The Lord brought before me the scripture in Jeremiah Chapter 8 and verse 20 that says “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” Was this my lot? To continue in my lost state and suffer the death that came with it? I knew all die, but the speakers I had heard made this death seem much more than just that physical death. I was contemplating that at the next meeting when the first speaker sat down. Why I could not remember much at all of what he said, I do not know. The second speaker began with the scripture that stated ‘it is finished.’ He went on to describe what exactly it was that was finished, and in the process, my problem of sin, and his death for sin collided in my mind. I saw clearly, remembering other points made clear here… how ‘it was for me He died’… ‘it is finished’ ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.’ In my mind’s eye, I saw the cross, the man dying on it while being punished for sin… my sin! And I believed it was for me, and for me, it was indeed FINISHED! I knew from that moment on I had peace with God!” Bill waited while Ron seemed to be staring off into the distance, but saying nothing. The visit ended, but the prayer began in earnest for Ron. Bill would be looking to get time with Ron again soon.



Walter’s Way

Ron’s work at Intel had taught him how to document excellent instructions.  Walter knew that first hand, having stolen pictures of them. The description of how the Module could be controlled was most enlightening; most empowering! Ron knew there were plans to expand what the module Tim’s company produced would control. He did not know details, however.

What Walter comprehended all too well was the magnitude of the power that this ability put into his hands. He had eventually found out the module was being groomed to control a container ship that would carry a cargo worth over $500,000,000! Between dumpster diving and Internet research, Walter knew there was an opportunity coming up.

He was glad his need of Ron was coming to a close. Ron’s technical ability and genius got on his nerves. At least he was head and shoulders above Ron in his scamming ability.

Now the goal would be getting this module installed on the ship instead of the one with the full production processor which no doubt would have the testing alternate control ability curtailed, or removed altogether. So far, this seemed near impossible.

…riple ‘E’ container ship’s first voyage. This ship is state of the art, with the latest…

Walter sat up in surprise! As the sleep cleared, he gave his undivided attention to the TV tuned to the Discovery channel, and a documentary about the very ship about which he was dreaming.

While he was still formulating a plan, the ship had been completed enough to test. “What time do I have” he wondered. How did they move ahead months in the past few days?

As the documentary moved on, it became apparent that three ships were being built. The first had finished enough testing to take its first load of containers from Asia to North America. The info Walter had gained from Motion Modular pertained mostly to the final ship and module. He had missed the first module shipments. This, however was not totally bad news, but somewhat good. He was confident the modules to date still had the back door, and an email he had retrieved from the dumpster at Motion Modular became clear. It was terse, stating only “Send module as is, to be replaced later.” He had assumed this was just for fitting, and testing. The documentary was high-level info, but it did seem some tests were to be performed that suggested the module was more than a shell. Also that it was more fully connected to the rest of the ship, and more able to control it than he would have imagined. Although the situation was becoming clear, the answers Walter sought were evading him. How would he get control of the ship for himself?



A New Start

“Yes, okay.” Simple enough words but Bill could scarcely keep the tears back. His desires and prayers for this young man and his friends had spanned years, often with seemingly little hope being evident. But God is good, and in HIS time, things can happen!

Ron would be at the gospel meeting tonight! Ron and Bill both knew he had changed… he wanted to be there. A hunger in him overcame the former inhibition toward ‘things religious’ as he previously perceived these. But this was not his old perception of religion. The “rules, do’s, don’ts, holier than thou” stuff. Ron had been paying much more attention to the lives of those around him that spoke of being “born again” and others in their social circle that said little but lived it a lot.

Ron’s testimony would be similar, but different from Bill’s. It was the first speaker that arrested his attention, although the second did add the capstone. Clem ran a small tool rental and fixit place. Ron had to smile when he saw him take the platform. He recalled the sign just inside his shop. It showed a hillbilly sort of a guy, and read “If we cain’t fix it, it ain’t broke.” He came across in time past from Ron’s memory as a simple enough man, but now, as he preached this gospel message with passion, that seemed much less the case. He spoke from the first book of the Bible. In Genesis 3, how ‘SIN BROKE OUT’ as Adam and Eve disobeyed God. He went on to highlight, just a few verses farther ‘SIN FOUND OUT,’ as God confronts them regarding their sin. Then as the chapter ended, ‘SIN PUT OUT’ as the guilty pair are expelled from the garden of Eden. A sadness cloaked Ron at the thought and was exacerbated by the next scripture reference in the last book of the Bible.

In Revelation 21 he spoke about ‘no entry for that which would defile’… ‘SIN KEPT OUT.’ The sadness deepened. His thoughts wandered and came to rest on his own sin. Bill’s words came to mind “a new creation.” “But for me?” he thought. Bill was so different. But wait… hadn’t Bill talked about things that “damaged” his life. Was he not talking about his sin? YES! Had he not said, “I had long since been convinced I was a sinner.”

Just then Clem thundered “The Old Testament states ‘There is no man that sinneth not… The New Testament agrees. It states “All have sinned!” There it was, and Ron’s mind drifted back over years of sins picking some negative highlights (lowlights?) in his life. Then re-joining the meeting in his thoughts he heard… “44 and we will read in at verse 22; I have blotted out“. Ron’s revelry ended abruptly as the words slammed into his mind. He listened to hear the rest of the scripture and then stole a peek at the Bible of the person next to him… Oh, there, Isaiah 44:22.

‘(Isa 44:22)  I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins: return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.’

“Was this hope? ‘Blotted out’… it sounded like it might be… ‘SIN BLOTTED OUT‘ It sounded like a new start. Was not this something like ‘a new creation.’ Could I be standing here… (well, sitting here) with my sin dealt with… peace with God like Bill said?” The elation Ron felt was great but short-lived. He thought it was like those times when just waking he had a brilliant idea and began to nurse it… to think it through, only to realize it would never work. He thought to himself “I’d only sin again.” And just as seems to happen often enough, the preacher, led by the Holy Spirit added ‘-then in 1 John 1:7 we see the solution to the sin problem. It is not just for the sins committed up to that point in our lives. The verse states ‘(1Jn 1:7)  … the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.’ ‘ALL SIN’ he thundered! Clem sat down, and the second speaker got up and read John 3:16. Hearing the reference, Ron thought ‘nothing new there.’ But as he read it over with the speaker, having heard all that had gone before, it took on a new depth.

‘Not perish!’ Well, Ron thought, the only complaint God has with me… the only reason to be ‘KEPT OUT’ of heaven is my sin, and God has made it clear he has dealt with that. What am I missing here? Just then the speaker repeated ‘BELIEVETH!’. Bill’s words flooded into his mind afresh ‘In my mind’s eye I saw the cross, the man dying on it while being punished for sin… my sin! And I believed it was for me, and for me, it was indeed FINISHED!

Ron did see the cross in his mind’s eye, and as a tear graced his physical eye, he whispered: “me too.”

The rest of the meeting passed without Ron being able to concentrate on the words of the speaker. He was taken up with ‘where do I go from here’ thoughts. How would his life change… how would he force it to change! There had grown a sorrow and sorry-ness for sins of the past. But now it was giving way to joy. Oh, not a temporary happiness, but a deep-seated joy. Ron was at peace with God. And he realized, much more at peace with himself.



What’s with Ron?

Walter was back to work, and the effort RE: the container ship seemed to be fading in the rearview mirror.

Both Ron and Walter were born in Canada and still lived close, as they always had except when Ron moved to the States for a year or so.

Something had changed in Ron during the time Walter had withdrawn from him. This became very evident the time they happened to meet at the hardware store. Walter could not put his finger on it but could sense it. Ron seemed to want to talk to him about it, but when it seemed related to “religion” Walter’s body language and facial expression shut him down. Ron thought it needed to wait for another time, and maybe even another person.



Sick is Good

Walter followed the progress of the container ship even though he had given up on the plan to interfere with it at all.

It was coming into a dock in New York in a few days. This had not been scheduled. He listened as the announcer relayed the story of sickness on board the ship.

It was contained to six of the 25 crew members, but that was enough to require at least one more member be brought on board to meet the minimum 20 crew requirement. These would be quarantined in a local hospital until all danger past for them, and others around them.

It was amazing how quickly Walter’s mind could scheme. But even he was struggling with this circumstance.



Always liked you best

Walter’s older brother William, had joined the Navy.  William had gotten involved in something highly classified. It was near the end of his tour of duty. Walter got the letter less than a month before he was to return. “Hey bro. I need to let you know I am in a situation that could get dicey. I do not want to worry the folks, but if things don’t go well, I do want all to know this mission is critical, and I need to do this. Please let our folks know how much I love them from time to time. This is an inside situation, so what you hear from “official” sources may be a little slanted (wrong, untrue). Take care of the folks, and I love all (even you little bro): -) … Will.” The next communique reported his death with the sinking of a lifeboat and very few details. Walter was sure it was not the case but was unsure how even to start to find out the truth.

Walter knew he had communicated a lot with his folks during his tour. What if he could get hold of the letters; learn enough about his brother’s life to impersonate him? What if he could be perceived as a seasoned sailor that could “help out” that poor, understaffed ship. How could he get a passport in his brother’s name? The Smothers Brothers comedy was not so funny to him. It often seemed his folks did like best the ‘poster boy for perfection’ his older brother always seemed to be! It was so annoying, so galling!

And so, as usual, his bright mind explored dark ways he could get his way. A visit to his folks would get the letters no doubt, well if they did not distrust him too badly at this point. Could he look the part of someone trying to get his life a little more straightened out? Then too what about the passport? Well, one thing at a time. It was well past time to visit his “dear old mom and dad. Walter was not able to concentrate on anything else. His visit to his folks would have to be carefully planned. Also, there was no time to waste. He needed to get on that boat before it left New York if at all possible.



A new leaf?

“Walter! How are you! It’s been a while, is everything okay?” “Yes Mom, Things are fine… good actually. I am planning some changes I am sure you will agree are for the better”. This needed to fly, or the plan would fail. “Great Wally, tell us all about it… can you stay for supper”. “Where is Dad?” he asked. “Oh, he will be back any minute. He is just picking up a couple of things from the corner store”. Now the scheming turned to figuring out if it was best to try and grab and run, having only to deal with his Mom or more slowly broach the topics to both. He feared his straight-shooter, Dad. He was smart, and with many failures found it hard to trust Walter. His Mom always seemed to find it easier. He ultimately decided it was best to have both as much on board as possible. (Which of course meant as much deceived as possible). “Well, it would be great to see him too, so, yes I would very much love to have supper with you both.”

The door opened, and his father entered… “Walt, good to see you. To what do we owe this pleasure?”. “Well, a couple of things on the go, and on my mind. Mom asked me to supper, so we have some time to chat if that is OK with you”. “Great! Can I show you what I have on the go these days?”

Walter felt time pressing in on him, but knew he needed to take it slow, and humor his dad. “Sounds great Dad!”

The next hour went by with his Dad outlining a project to redo the basement into something more usable as a complete apartment. Walter knew it was the time for all good sons to offer to assist. “Hey Dad, that is going to be great! I need to finish a project of my own, but maybe, if I get done in time I can help you”. He saw the doubt in his father’s eyes, and his emotions headed off in two directions at once. The son that wanted his Dad’s approval sighed, wishing this, and many other shortcomings could be made right… that he might be the perfect son his brother always seemed to be. But somehow, as usual, the other voice, the one complaining about feeling the ‘least preferred son’ again out-shouted that one.

Supper was great. He knew he missed his Mom’s cooking, but now felt he underestimated how much. Food choices had even been altered to take in some of his favorites. But as things slowed near the end of the meal, it was time.

Walter began, “I was thinking about William. I would like to organize all his communications into a document and DVD to better preserve it. That would also make it more convenient to share. Could I possibly borrow them to copy, and get started? I can have them back by tomorrow evening after having them reproduced.”

“That is a wonderful idea, Wally!” His Mom responded with the emotion evident in her voice. His father said nothing for a moment as he studied Walter’s face. But the thought of having this done was very desirable and in the end, won out. “Okay Walt, please be careful. We cannot replace these things, but thanx for this. It will be great to have something that could be given to others impacted by his life”. His folks so often thought of others. A little voice tried to get Walters attention saying softly “Why don’t I.”

By the time he left, Walter had the box containing all the letters, and personal effects collected from the life, and supposed death of William.

The letters would help to have stories to tell of time on the sea, but what Walter had not known was that there were a few old expired passports from Williams younger days. Every picture of him was precious, so these had been kept. This would help a lot, and with more than one, the one he kept might not be missed. Almost true to his word, Walter returned almost everything the next day.

“Good to see you son” his father’s words and smile were genuine. “Please come by more often if you can Wally” his Mom pleaded. “Thanx Dad, sure thing Mom, see you soon” he responded, knowing it could be a while before they would sit around the table together again.



Ready, Set,

Time was running out, but some things had to happen. Walter got the passport ready. He went to the passport office to report his missing, got a new one, removed the picture from his old one, and superimposed it on his brother’s picture in his brother’s passport. The plan was, he would be himself until the last minute when he sought the job on the ship. So with the two passports, and the reproductions of all the communication from his brother, he boarded the plane. He studied the documents carefully for the whole trip. That pesky little voice chimed “man, if only you had studied this hard in school…”.

After landing, He tried to put on his brother’s persona, walking upright, back straight, stomach in, shoulders back… all the ‘military’ stuff he thought would be appropriate.

Now to get to the container ship loading dock.



Its me!

Walter was perplexed about today’s mail. It was just a DVD of “Relaxing Rain” sound effects.

The trash bin was near and nearly received the ‘gift.’ Walters usual state was about as relaxed as a snake in a room full of moving rocking chairs. However, he was arrested by the name and address on the envelope. The way William wrote his lower case “L” was unusual. Walter liked fonts, and William’s “lower case “L” was somewhere between a “Colonna MT” and a “Deja Vu Sans Mono,” curled left at the top, and right at the bottom, but he completed the circle almost completely at the bottom. The rest of the name and address was very generic block, but the “L” in Walter was unmistakable. Here was a mystery to be probed. Here was real hope his brother was alive! Walter could not get home fast enough!



Say… What?

Walter first let the audio play through; sure enough, rain sound effects. “The chance of Will sending me a relaxation DVD of any kind is slim to none,” he thought. “There has to be more to this.” He played it again, and, not one over-endowed with patience, the frustration mounted. A software lover from way back, he had some great audio production and editing programs which he put to work on the problem.

Running it slower, faster, watching the audio patterns. The difference was slight, but he saw it, and after seeing it he could hear it ever so faintly as well.

When William had been preparing for his tour of duty, he wanted to learn Morris code. Walter was conscripted to assist in that venture. William bought a cheap set that he set up between their bedrooms, and he used it as much as he thought Walter could stand for a few months.

Hidden behind the gentle splat of the rain were some more “beeps” to hear, and slightly more uniform, and squared off when viewed in the audio editing software. These needed to be extricated and examined. The difference between dot and dash was more slight than normal, but perceivable. Obviously, this would be necessary to hide the Code behind the rain audio. This was a message from his brother! ALIVE! Mistakes were made in his haste, but before long he had begun to unravel the message. It made sense. William would want to verify the message as from him.

It began as his last communication to Walter had ended. Who else would know the existence and even content of a communication that was so private? One that talked openly about classified information?

It was slow going, but it began to unfold; one character at a time. “Take care of the folks, and I love all (even you little bro): -) … Will.”





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